Operator (Saitama Prefecture Fish Market Co., Ltd.)

We are pleased to announce that we will open Seisen Gyokou Kawagoe, a new retail store offering fresh food, to the public and tourists. In order to realize a theme-park-like fish store, we strive to provide energetic and dynamic services. Through face-to-face sales, we offer fresh fish, souvenirs, seafood gifts, vegetables, fruits, and meat at reasonable prices. With the motto of “offering delicious food that will make customers yearn to come back and taste our products again,” we provide an extraordinary setting in the atmosphere of a vibrant fish market. Customers can also purchase rice bowl dishes made with fresh seafood and ready-made meat cuisine inside the store. There is a barbeque space and other restaurant facilities on the premises. meters. Please stop by to take a break during your travels or as a destination itself.